FOXY (L to R): Richie Mendez, Greg Antista, Lisa Parker-Meredith and Stu West

FOXY (L to R): Richie Mendez, Greg Antista, Lisa Parker-Meredith and Stu West


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FOXY, a melodic punk band celebrating its 20th anniversary, will release a pair of EPs on September 17 and begin its “Oh Bondage!” European tour on September 20. This will mark the fifth major European tour on which the band has embarked. The current lineup of FOXY comprises vocalist/guitarist Lisa Parker-Meredith (4-Gazm), guitarist/vocalist Greg Antista (Greg Antista & The Lonely Streets, Joyride), bassist Stu West (The Damned, English Dogs), and drummer Richie Mendez (The Pushers).

Formed by Parker-Meredith and Antista in Fullerton, CA, in 1999, FOXY originally included longtime Social Distortion bassist John Maurer. Maurer appears on the band’s self-titled 1999 debut EP and he produced the band’s sole album, 2001’s Stay Foxy Por Vida. After recording and touring consistently from 1999-2002, FOXY went on hiatus. For the next 15 years, Parker-Meredith focused on raising a family with her husband Glen Meredith of the band Violet Rex. FOXY initially reconvened in 2017 to provide support for a 40th anniversary concert date for fellow Southern California punk band X. FOXY was so thrilled to see that the old chemistry was intact that they booked dates for a 2018 European tour and recorded a second EP, Can’t Stop Us. That six-song EP will have its formal CD and download release on September 17. On the same date, FOXY will release its six-song X-Ray Spex Tribute EP on colored vinyl and download. The limited edition vinyl will feature originals as well as a trio of covers of classic tracks by the pioneering, female-led UK punk band X-Ray Spex. Both EPs are released by Ready Steady Go Productions.

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FOXY - “Without You”

FOXY - “Like It or Not”