After a break of more than a decade, singer Liam McKahey and songwriter/instrumentalist Davey Ray Moor of London-based hitmakers Cousteau have reformed as CousteauX. The reunion album of the same name was released by SilentX Records in September, 2017.  Mojo Magazine awarded the album 4 stars and wrote "Liam McKahey's weathered basso profundo hits Scott Walker and Bowie buttons." All Music Guide described the LP as "Noir-ish, jazzy pop where Julie London meets Lodger-era Bowie ... CousteauX is not only one of the year's most promising debuts, but a timeless offering that a decade on will sound as vital and provocative as it does now." The album's lead single, "Memory Is a Weapon" was picked for KCRW Radio's popular "Today's Top Tune" feature. 

A gold-selling act in Europe, Cousteau is best remembered by stateside audiences for the romantic yearning of “The Last Good Day of the Year” (2001), a much-loved pop hit that saw the band touring the U.S. and performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Since its debut, “The Last Good Day of the Year” has featured in a major TV campaign by Nissan, on the soundtracks of Happily Ever After starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and South Kensington with Rupert Everett, and in documentaries and TV programs around the world. It became a staple on NPR and enjoyed widespread success at AAA Radio.

An Irishman from Cork (McKahey) and an Australian born in Beirut (Moor) are the creative team behind CousteauX.  Their friendship was kindled when they crossed paths at various squats and parties in the 1990s. Liam’s richly evocative voice paired with Moor’s songs has seen CousteauX’s cinematic noir stylings favorably compared to David Bowie, Scott Walker, Burt Bacharach and Nick Cave.

 McKahey and Moor were always the two principals in the band, and they are the sole remaining members of the earlier incarnation of Cousteau. Moor says of the decade-long split, “Ten years apart led us to appreciate the synergy we have. Sometimes musicians find a unique match in another. We’re one singer-songwriter in the bodies of two people. Because Cousteau were pre-aged and kind of timeless, the music still sounds today as it did yesterday. We’ve only become stranger and stronger now that we’re older.”

For their return to both stage and studio, McKahey and Moor have added an “X” to the end of their former name, which they ask listeners to consider “as a kiss ... and a scar.” The “X” is silent so the pronunciation of the band’s name remains the same.


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"BURMA" from the album CousteauX (2017)


Performance of Leonard Cohen's "So Long, Marianne," recorded August 2018


"Talking To Myself" live in Sardinia (2002)